13th European Congress of Chemical Engineering and 6th European Congress of Applied Biotechnology

Keynote Lectures

Benchmarking Uncertainty Quantification Methods for Property Prediction Models: Application to Group-Contribution Models
Adem Rosenkvist Nielsen Aouichaoui, Technical University of Denmark, Kgs. Lyngby/DK

Optimization-driven Modeling for Industry 4.0
Lorenz Biegler, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh/USA

Product design in continuous crystallizers: developments and practice
Béatrice Biscans, University of Toulouse/F

Integrating renewable energies for offshore methanol production
Mariasole Cipolletta, University of Bologna/I

Bioprocess intensification in a novel multiphase loop reactor
Philipp Demling, RWTH Aachen University/D

Data’s Explosion and Digitalization: the Effect on Process Engineering’s Education
Maurizio Fermeglia, University of Trieste/I

Design of particle structures for innovative drug products and lithium ion batteries
Arno Kwade, TU Braunschweig/D

Transport and reaction in packed beds: a deep learning augmented CFD workflow
Agnese Marcato, Politecnico di Torino/I

The role of Direct Air Capture to enable a net-zero chemical industry
Marco Mazzotti, ETH Zürich/CH

Inside mycelium - synchrotron radiation and image processing to unveil the time-resolved three-dimensional growth of filamentous fungal pellets
Henri Müller, TU Munich, Freising/D

From single-gene translation to global resource competition - a dynamic translational model for Escherichia coli
Jan Müller, University of Stuttgart/D

Automated multi-objective optimisation of the oxidation of organic sulfides
Pia Müller, University of Leeds/UK

Modeling Tools for bioprocess monitoring and Control
Harini Narayanan, ETH Zurich/CH

Constructing Equivalent Electrical Circuits to Study the Dynamics of (Bio)chemical Systems
Sarang Sunil Nath, Technical University of Denmark, Kongens Lyngby/DK

Inducing heterologous protein overproduction in P. putida: A genetic toolbox to decipher metabolic burden
Ana Sofia Ortega Arbulu, TU Munich, Freising/D

Wood-based levulinic acid: Tackling challenges of biorefinery production
Lukas Polte, RWTH Aachen University/D

How to Reduce CO2 Emissions of Steam Cracking Furnaces: The Million Dollar Question
Kevin M. Van Geem, Ghent University/B

Demonstration of immersive tools for chemical engineering training
Tom Van Gerven, KU Leuven/B

Decarbonization of the steel industry: interplay between electrification and carbon capture and storage
Lukas Weimann, Utrecht University/NL

Tandem Lectures

Design of Particulate Products – Status and Future Perspectives
Wolfgang Peukert, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU), Erlangen/D
Jens Uhlemann, Bayer SAS, Lyon/F

Development of a novel industrial process for stripping of carbon dioxide and ammonia from bioprocess waste water
Martin Lucke, Sulzer Chemtech AG, Winterthur/CH
Tuvshinjargal Otgonbayar, ETH Zurich/CH

Transfer Learning for Dynamic Bioprocess Predictive Modelling
Alexander Rogers and Dongda Zhang, The University of Manchester/UK

MACBETH – A revolution in catayltic reaction technology
Frank Stenger, Evonik Operations GmbH, Hanau/D
Fausto Gallucci, Eindhoven University of Technology (TUE)/NL

Modularization in process industry enabling flexibility, sustainability and speed - status quo and future perspectives
Frank Stenger, Evonik Operations GmbH, Hanau/D
Sebastian Härtner, Merck KGaA, Darmstadt/D
Patrick Graf, Zeton BV, Enschede/NL

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